Our Team

Cliff Young – CEO

Cliff brings a great deal of expertise in financial management and business strategy to our team. With a degree in finance and international business from Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia he has a solid understanding of financial administration as well as business strategy and management.

Having co-founded many firms over his career, as well as working as an account manager at a major international bank, Cliff understands the importance of team work, customer service and technology. He brings these values to the Virtual Image team to ensure that we deliver the best possible product to our customers on every project we undertake.

Suhail Alam - Sales Manager

Suhail specializes in having a creative approach to finding solutions for his clients with a background focused in prospecting, target marketing, client acquisition and retention. With an MBA in marketing, Suhail seeks to first fully understand his clients needs and then put together the best service to meet the unique demands of the project. This includes photorealistic project renders, animations or graphic imagery, project planning, and value add construction services.

He understands the needs of his clients, and works closely to ensure that all project information is obtained at the outset of our journey with the customer to provide our production team with all required project scope. He is fully verse in 3d animation and rendering software to answer client questions and make informed recommendations.