Vitality Boutique

Vitality Boutique fitness center is a high end fitness center located in Europe which opened in 2016. We worked with the owners, architects, and construction team in the development of the 3D models for the space before construction began. With full use of our design mode models we conducted numerous design meetings with the architect and owners to try out different color schemes and wall and flooring finishes.

Once the final design was confirmed our animations and renderings were then used throughout the construction process as a reference model.

Last of all our high definition renderings and animations were used on their website as well is in the marketing material for pre-launch membership sales. Overall it was a very successful project.

“Virtual Image and Animation provided an exceptional product and great support throughout the design, construction and launch of our gym. The design mode model added great value to our team in the decision making process."  Jonny Pearson  Vitality Boutique


Anatomic Iron Steel Detailing

Anatomic Iron Steel Detailing is a related company to Virtual Image and a lot of the technology we utilize at Virtual Image was developed over the past ten years at Anatomic.

We completed a great scope of work with Anatomic with the development of design mode models and explore mode models for the Europe office. This space is over 1,000 sq meters and we completed the design of the commercial office ourselves. Many of the decisions regarding office layout, carpet types, windows, and colors were made as a result of extensive use of our design mode models with the various options.

As a whole new area we also completed extensive steel models and animations for new steel buildings. These animations and models were used by Anatomic’s clients for project planning during the construction phase, as well as for marketing.

Our virtual reality system was a major hit at the AISC Steel Show in 2016. Anatomic used this system to demonstrate how engineers, steel fabricators, and erectors could virtually walk around inside a completed steel structure for a building that was still in the design phase.

Seymour Structural Sales Corporation

This was a project we completed in Vancouver Canada for the full interior fitout of a small 900 sq ft commercial space which was in a new commercial development.

We created five different proposed layouts for the space and then once the final layout was decided made a 3D model of the space. With extensive use of the design mode model, as well as renderings of different options we worked to hone the final design of the space before any construction was commenced.

We also made a full set of construction drawings that were used to obtain a building permit, as well as to govern the construction of the interior of the space.

Overall the project was a great success.

Private clients

Our doors are always open to individuals or families that are looking at renovating or building their own home. We are experienced at determining what you are looking for in your project and bringing forward options to allow you to really bring your ideas to life.

Whether you just need a few renderings of your planned home, or would like a full explore model or even a design model to help you choose finishes we are here for you.

We have completed both apartment interiors as well as complex projects such as large family homes so no project is too big or too small for our team.

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