Virtual Image and Animation was founded by Clifford Young as a division of Anatomic Iron Steel Detailing. With a background in steel detailing, steel design, and steel construction Cliff wanted to bring the technology from the field of 3D steel building modelling, and apply it to the animation industry.

We wanted to make it possible for designers or potential real estate investors to review their projects in full virtual reality systems, or computer based exploration models before the structures even exits.

At the outset of our journey we found many companies that provided project renderings, or even short high quality animations, but we wanted to deliver more. We felt that today’s technology was at the point that we could create virtual reality environments for a future construction project.

As a result, we applied our skills developed creating animations for our steel construction projects to create the technology for full immersion environments where the user can truly experience their project.

The result was very successful, and Virtual Image and Animation was born!